‘Is This Your Liberal Hero?’-British Comedian Criticizes Emergency Powers Invoked by Justin Trudeau

A well-known British Comedian, Russell Brand slammed Justin Trudeau’s handling of the trucker protests held in Canada. In his recent YouTube video, ‘Trudeau – Is This Your Liberal Hero?’ he implied that Trudeau’s newly declared emergency powers were turning Canada into a ‘tyrannical place.’ Brand condemned and criticized the sanctions imposed on Canadian truckers that includes freezing of bank accounts and cryptocurrency funds. A special injunction was believed to be used to freeze over 120 crypto addresses.  The implementation of the sanction prohibits funds from being spent, hidden, or transferred. The funds raised were due to crypto donations and the frozen addresses were tied to BTC, ADA, ETH, LTC, and XMR. The British comedian feels that terming this as an ‘Emergency Act’ is a mistake. 

“I can’t do what I like whenever I want to, bang people up and nick their bank accounts and freeze their money and stop them having conversations.”

Brand criticized the concept that the protest was anything other than peaceful, and believes that as long as the protest is nonviolent, there is no justification for the severe tactics adopted.  Furthermore, in response to the issue of vaccination requirements, which truckers are protesting about, Brand took a practical stance, supporting the right to protest rather than taking a position on the issue.

Centralizing The Power

Brand contends that the powers utilized against Canadian truckers should only be invoked during a big conflict such as war. He claims that the real danger does not like in global conflict, but in centralizing power in ways that only the powerful find to justify the use of force against the common man.  Russell Brand further continues explaining what is more likely to occur than the act of global warfare is that the centralized forces will gather in alignment and cooperation with corporate power to limit the capacity of a common man to protest against the ‘condition of their lives.’ Kraken CEO Jesse Powell admits that even if corporations would want to, they’d have little to no choice but to submit to the will of the Canadian Government.

“Due process if for plebs. Might makes right in Canada.” Powell adds. 

In the conclusion of his YouTube video, Russel Brand highlights the hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau claiming that Trudeau has always portrayed himself as a symbol of ‘tolerance, compassion, and open-mindedness.’  Thereby, Brand proposed to the Prime Minister to talk to the protestors and the political opponents rather than intimidating them by invoking Emergency Act.



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